Kofi beat himself in the Chamber Adultish shirt. by taking one risk too many. Otherwise, he has hung toe to toe with Bryan in their recent encounters and bested him once. I don’t think Kofi loses without making another (retroactively speaking) mistake or some form of outside interference catches him. If anything, Bryan has to prove he can beat Kofi, not the other way around. He does, but this is different than just a Smackdown match. Bryan is going to prepare for him and knows Kofi well now. Kofi won’t sneak up on Bryan in that sense.

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How important are Big E’s and Xavier’s roles? We know Rowan isn’t shy about interfering to help Bryan Adultish shirt. Will they have to be prepared to fight fire with fire? Do you think has any tricks up his sleeve to negate New Day’s numerical advantage outside the ring? It’s a lot on the line for Kofi, not sure how he is going to handle it. For sure, he can’t eat pancakes the day of the match, or even the day before. It’s a huge opportunity Kofi can’t waste. For some reason, I don’t think Bryan will need to use Rowan or want to use him. I think it’d be smart of Kofi to have Xavier and Big E ringside because you never know. I would like to just have everyone be banned from ringside, and let’s see who the better Superstar is. Big E and Xavier should hopefully help Kofi prepare and give Kofi space. Now is not the time to fool around, put some fear into Bryan. I think he knows how big the match is for his career though. This opportunity came because Ali was injured. If he wasn’t, Kofi wouldn’t be getting this opportunity. Kofi has to win, he knows it, which I think will make him be nervous, which is understandable. The only way I imagine Kofi retains momentum is if he has Daniel Bryan essentially pinned and then Rowan causes a DQ, setting up the eventual Mania match. Yeah. Probably Rowan will try to mess it up and New day will neutralize Rowan thinking they’ve got in it the bag and then boom, third member. Bayley pulled off the upset at Fastlane vs Charlotte, I think Kofi can do the same, especially if he has his friends ringside as well.

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