True, but accents can change very quickly Chainmail Blacksmith Medieval Gear Armor shirt. Take someone born and raised in Dundalk and compare the way they speak to someone from Darby, PA vs. a PA Dutch person from Lancaster, PA vs. some deep shore waterman from Hoopers Island in Dorchester County, MD. All those places are 75-100 miles from Baltimore and they all sound pretty different from each other. Drives me insane when movies portray Philly accents, they typically default to a New York accent. Baltimore/Philly are much more alike than New York/Philly. There was a popular Twitter thread this week about most on-brand celebrity encounters.

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I’m from DC and love visiting Philly! Great food, lots of cool history and historical architecture Chainmail Blacksmith Medieval Gear Armor shirt. I don’t even like museums and I walked around the Philadelphia Museum of Art for four hours, enjoyed all of it (bonus that the Rocky steps are there too, and a homeless guy only charges the low rate to take an out of focus, out of center picture of your group). They also have one of the best comedy clubs on the east coast. It’s got a bad rap, but I’ve never heard anyone hating on Philly if they’ve actually been. This was a pretty solid description of Philadelphia. I personally think the biggest problem with the city is it’s a horrible public school district. The only people that live inside the city are people rich enough to send their children to private school, people with no kids (hence why the gayborhood is one of the nicest areas), or people who are too poor to care. It is what creates the entrenched poverty that you describe, because the people there can’t move themselves up, and there is an upper limit on how many people want to move in and gentrify. You end up with enclaves of shitty row-homes and economic stagnation… but also enclaves of really genuine working-class families who stay in the same neighborhood generation to generation.  Philly is just weirdly bad with litter. Baltimore has the same issue, but to a lesser extent, I feel like Philly was the first major city I’ve been to where it felt like a pervasive problem.

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