Usually Cheap Ass Gamer Nemesis Stars shirt. I never form an opinion on comedy simply because it serves no social, religious, political or gender-based responsibility, therefore it should be impossible for it to actually offend anyone seriously, but in this particular case, I’m offended and disappointed, other covers of this iconic track served to protest and raise awareness of the social injustices and struggles in their respective nations, but when ours finally came out, we have this, something that is not funny enough to call comedy and definitely lacks any form of depth to label it art, the original track was a call to protest against the respective societies concerns, instead of at least attempting to follow suit, our video makes light of current issues, insults the spirit of the original track and flat out wastes an opportunity to show the world that yes we do have issues that we take seriously and will employ whatever platform we have to resolve them or at least try, that being said, the slingshot part was funny.

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you have to see this Cheap Ass Gamer Nemesis Stars shirt. Don’t even know what he was saying but the part where he says you! I pissed myself. Dis is the best’est, put its video on YouTube where the number of likes & redirecting internet traffic can result in cash regardless of genre re mo shithole’ng or not..this is the song I was trying to tell you about a while back. Just couldn’t think of the name. I literally posted this video an hour after it was uploaded to youtube and only a couple other people had uploaded on facebook I think downloads team didn’t upload it to facebooks copyright team on time and mines uploaded without the copyright stuff popping up if you look at youtube video it was uploaded the same day as this one. The message is basically we are not paying attention. what’s really happening in the world just watch what’s actually happening in the background and you’ll see the real message. And when the church choir gets shot it’s referring to a church shooting in the 1900’s or 1800’s. But why is all the shooting black on black? None of the major mass shootings have been black men. Every one of them has been a white male or middle eastern. This shit bug the fuck out of me is it just me or is he showing the cars of the 70‘s and the kids are dressed as they did (the movie The Wood). I ask because not A SINGLE PERSON HAS BROUGHT THIS UP!

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  1. OdigeleHajj (verified owner)

    Offered a Tshirt with a different martial art on it and were able to change the text wo that O wanted. Really impressed they could do that for me

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