I mirrored my parents and became a dullard Doc Holliday Im Your Huckleberry Ill Play For Blood shirt. That ritual with the name calling, and the “Bug on the street”, is probably some of the most high-intensity emotional abuse, short of sexual molestation, that I’ve ever read about, anywhere, ever. You really didn’t stand a chance with that sort of thing going on, being torn down like that. I hope you find your passion for these things again! That’s what I’m doing. With the knowledge of this sub, and therapy, I think we are destined to succeed. This so much. OP, there’s a special place in Hell for people who damage their children this way. My first wife was 48 when she earned her PhD. She passed way too early at 67 but the last 20 years of her life were filled with exploration and growth.

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Congrats on your sobriety Doc Holliday Im Your Huckleberry Ill Play For Blood shirt. My mother earns her two-year degree this winter, she’s 55. This is after decades of my father gaslighting her into thinking she’s a moron. It is never too late. I suggest going to a local community college and taking a few science classes. Perhaps you’ll find something you enjoy. It might not even be science. You may discover you really enjoy something else. After seeing what universities allow credit transfers and if they have any programs you’d like to pursue. Financially it’s cheaper to finish a two-year degree and transfer credits to a 4-year university. That’s so awful. You remind me of an experience my grandfather told me. He worked in education his entire career. Then abruptly her work went down the toilet. I’m a pickle pickle rick’s shirt. She started failing everything and lost all interest. My grandfather made an appointment to see the parents. He explained what had happened to her grades and schoolwork. We’ve been trying for years to get her to quit!. I’m sorry OP about your horribly and deliberately abusive parents. They are flat-out monsters to treat a child like that. Don’t give up on trying to achieve your dreams of science or whatever interests you now. You can still study even now. Both my older brother and I are in careers we love. We both graduated in our 30s. My older sister was in her 40s when she finished her university degree.

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