Rob Sully, I could see that Jedi Do Or Do Not Star Wars shirt. The reason why I say MLK is cuz the ice cream is vanilla and chocolate (white and brown- white people and black people) and the ice cream melts but doesn’t mix like how society in America hasn’t fulfilled MLK’s dream. Just my interpretation. Not saying I’m correct tho. Also, the x interpretation makes sense especially because it’s right after the rip Fredo, so including two artists who passed away. ts actually confirmed online (from NowThis Entertainment) that the melting ice cream was a tribute to xxxtencianion and the man in the suit was Andrew Gollum. First music video I didn’t want to be over so soon I love the vibes and the visualization in the life of being carefree …

Jedi Do Or Do Not Star Wars shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

I loved how whenever he closed his eyes it showed real issues that the artist have aside from the legends who passed throughout the years Jedi Do Or Do Not Star Wars shirt. (Left Eye, Whitney, and Michael). Look for the rappers interspersed throughout the video. Creative genius. Engaging and thought provoking-makes you reminisce about the summer days gone by. Man I never really cared about Gambino but this track and video and “ This are America “ he definitely earned my respect.  Love the symbolism of the people in the day being happy while are others are in the dark symbolizing that they’re in a dark place (possibly depressed). I love the song but it’s bad that only recognize a few of the people in the animation because I don’t know who they are. Some of the ur interpretations are off, it actually portrays Kanye missing a black female role model in his life since his mother passed and there’s a reason he shows ur icon/legends when he sings. 

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