This guy could have been Joe Exotic For Governor shirt. had he been more convincing and confident. It’s a thin line between hardcore cringe and eternal glory. I dunno man. I feel like happily telling a crowded stadium that you go by ‘420BootyWizard’ on the net requires a fair bit of confidence. It wasn’t even that cringe, just a pretty funny guy that the casters joked around about. If you make one that works then you have every right to start up a Patreon and earn a few meme sheckels for your time.

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Sometimes I watch Joe Exotic For Governor shirt. tournaments when I’m eating and no Dota is on. All the meme they have is NA ult; EU flash. One of the most boring chat experience I don’t remember the Redditor, but I remember his message. I willingly join his crusade to make a meme better, for future generations! 2014 is the year where memes became quantity over quality, it seems. A sad moment in the history of doter culture. That’s either because I’ve only been around here since TI3 or because the sub has become danker since. I also don’t really want to leave out that much, but depending on what other people have to say I can rework the list accordingly. Looks like my prime meme understanding days were between Maelk Award and Brooklyn Kurtz. I feel so old…For the 2nd edition, I suggest you should link each individual entries to their respective posts/videos. For example, link to Lord GabeN’s reddit post, link ‘LodA choke’ to the news post, also link ‘Notail is a flower’ to the reddit post. It will take a lot of work, but it will certainly help new memers catch up. But good work! I owe my life to Arteezy. I got in a horrible car crash and I was in a 6-month coma. The nurse switched to the Twitch channel to Arteezy’s stream. I awoke from my coma and muted it. I used to be an awkward kid with no friends – I tried too hard to act cool but that only drove people away. But EE, you showed me that you dont have to be cool to be liked. Your gym shorts, your Aisaka Taiga obsession, and your garbled English made me realize that being yourself is the coolest thing ever

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    The quality of this product is very good however they do come small I could have done with ordering the XL but overall it’s a pretty damn good product

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