He already had a job Katze war Allergisch musste der Ehemann geschieden werden shirt. He didn’t want to be traded, sign there and take a 5mil pay cut… there have been no offers since the end of the 2016 season after the kneeling… If you think Gabbert deserves a spot over a QB that went to the Superbowl then there’s really no point in talking to you because you don’t shit about football or you’re intentionally being obtuse. Anthony Bell Rex Grossman went to an SB too, so he deserves a job too? It means nothing when you were carried. He really didn’t have much of an impact. And declined after that season. Blaine can actually throw…Kaep has to run to be relevant.  How? I think he is doing good, made the playoffs last year after breaking his leg the year prior. Also won the Titans first playoff game in a long time. 

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Anyone from Tampa will say he’s trash because they are low key upset the Bucs drafted Winston instead of Mariota Katze war Allergisch musste der Ehemann geschieden werden shirt.  Marcus Francine yes, one season out of three, but good job nitpicking just to try and prove a point. Talkin turnovers aren’t the best strategic plan for Buccaneers fans concerning the Jameis Winston has the second most turnovers in the league since he entered the league. Also, has failed to make it to the postseason, unlike Marcus who has actually made it.  Mariota has been on much better teams with a great o line, great run game and good defense were literally all those things have been bottom 5 for Winston. Mariota “went to the playoffs” cause his team carried him, he was a well below average QB last year. I’m not happy with the way Winston plays but damn happy we have him over, Mario. Mariota is a dink and dunk player and not a good one at that and is injury prone. Lbh, Mariota went to the playoffs because of our division. Winston plays in a tougher division. Luck, Watson, and three of our key defensive players were out. Jags’ and Titans’ run and defense carried them. The ref’s poor calling help Titans win against the Chiefs. The chart for Winston was wrong because his stats are 69 TDs to 44 Ints. Winston has to do more for the Bucs because no run or defense to rely on. Mariota can dink and dunk his way through a game with sporadic deep throws. Looking forward to how our division plays out with everybody healthy this year.  

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