Jeez it’s such a dick move to steel from a party Lips I Am Who I Am Your Approval Isnt Needed shirt. Especially when that thing is of great importance to the character, DMs who allow this to happen literally have no respect for the player and his/her Character. the worst part of the whole thing with that angle was that it was literally the one thing I had down as important to the character. and it was consistently the one thing that was the target of thieves even when they don’t know what it’s worth. Either that or I should be amazed at how many thieves have detect magic these days

Lips I Am Who I Am Your Approval Isnt Needed shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

And I won’t say I’m a saint, I was a bit of a dunce Lips I Am Who I Am Your Approval Isnt Needed shirt. probably talked my way into more battles then I avoided, and probably annoyed a lot of the party with some of the stuff I was saying/doing (nothing extreme or Xist, just the inability to shut up) but the middle of a fight ‘gimme dat’…..just how do you chalk that up to ‘roleplay’ without being Evil? This is one of the cases where you don’t hate the game you hate the players. Don’t let this fuck up how you feel about ttrpgs, just don’t play with that group. It might be hard but if the is consistently like this, or the games continue to not happen, just try to find a new group. I still love the game. I’ve sadly not played in years due to the groups I’ve been part of disbanding. When we had our regular DM, it was mostly lesser issues. This group hasn’t been together for DnD in. So years. I think the last thing we did was a Tabletop war game…..again. fun part on that end was I was always the weaker power of the them, but then I will openly admit I was the worst at the game. but something that may tell you how bad this group could get….we started making a list of classes I liked playing and slowly started banning them when they weren’t from PHB. and by we I mean them and by banning I mean ‘OP can’t play them’. I loved playing my Warmage and Warlock, both got banned after 2 characters each. Tried Frenzied Berserker, DM shut that one down with the BBEG. banned because apparently it was weak…..

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    Ordered a large even with allowing 1-2cm it would only fit a size 10/12. Would not replace with a bigger size!! Poor service all round

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