I honestly thought they were looking to be Nice Bigfoot Carrying Christmas shirt. And coming team not too long ago, I wanna say ~5 years ago, maybe a little less. Reminds me of how I felt about the Titans ~a decade ago, when they had Vince Young, Chris Johnson, and Pacman, and holy shit, I swear I didn’t even intend for that to be 2 teams from the same state, didn’t even think about it until almost the end of this comment, weird coincidence. I mean for several years Randolph/Gasol combo was probably one of the if not the best frontcourt in the league. I LOVED that brand of basketball.

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Classic Ladies
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They were always dark horse candidates in the playoffs Nice Bigfoot Carrying Christmas shirt. Definitely won a few series’ as underdogs. It’s so funny to me we have been solid for the last and now have a shitty season suddenly we are so bad that ppl on national TV talking about Grizzlies should be relegated to another league. Fuck that. I know he would never play for the minimum but damn that would be some next level irony. Nah totally believable. Curry fucks up his knee by coming back too soon and Durant gets caught up in an international doodle-jump smuggling ring, leading him to a lengthy stay in Guantanamo Bay. Without those two they’re definitely still a playoff team, but I could see them dropping to 8th. Also, what if Draymond lost a tooth during a game and needed a corrective dental procedure but his mom and dentist wanted him to take his time coming back even though the team’s dentist said he’s ok, so luckily Draymond comes back in time for the game of the season with a 3 way tie for the 8th seed and the ball comes to Draymond who looks into the crowd and sees his dentist smiling so Draymond nails the buzzer beater which transitions to a new dental commercial in the offseason? Lebron will watch Westbrook’s sorry attempts to play defense and suddenly feel ashamed of his own coasting on that end. He will then win MVP and DPOY for the next five years.

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