I remember an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark Soccer 2020 The One Where Covid-19 Ruined shirt. where an old Woman named Rose is a ghost and when I read her name I had a feeling she would be. We should start a GoFundMe so she can write and not have to worry about getting docked out of the paycheck, eh? Regardless of how it would fare as an “investment” I fully believe in funding people’s passions and furthering the arts outside of the idea of doing it to make money, and fully agree that money put into this would entertain a large number of people, as well as enrich the lives of the artist, regardless of if it made money for the investor making it possible. If you mean police wise, They don’t necessarily have partners. They work separately. Tim is just who she calls when she wants back up cause she grew up knowing him and she trusts him. Imposter that knew all the detail about Michelle’s abilities too? A really well-informed imposter, but at the same time, I don’t think a ghost handed Barkley a mug either.

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Already can’t wait for the next part Soccer 2020 The One Where Covid-19 Ruined shirt. I think Tim being straight as an arrow is an act and he’s the one insider in the police dept. A T-shirt design near me. I feel like we’re being set up to believe that but it’ll be the chief who’s also coming across as a good guy but more low-key. I think Tim being the baddy is too obvious. Aaah so glad I stayed up to catch part 4. Definitely becoming a recent serious favorite. If a rose has been dead for a few years though…. then who was home? Maybe Rose isn’t dead? Or at least wasn’t when Sarah talked with her. Did Sarah ask this strange woman who came to her door for ID? For all we know, this “daughter” is actually on Joseph’s side. But then why was her Dad not surprised to hear that she had spoken with Rose about Michelle?

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