Shape Of You is bad because it’s generic Toilet Paper In Case Of Emergency Remove Coronavirus shirt. Girls Like You is bad because it doesn’t even have enough substance to be derivative. It’s like a nothing song. It sounds how water tastes.  I liked SOY at first but got sick of it after it got overplayed. Didn’t care for GLY at first but I don’t mind it all now. Honestly, I’d rather have it be number one than any other song in the top 5 rn. I can’t believe Girls Like You is at its seventh week at number 1…

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it’s almost M5’s most successful song and a possible contender for longest #1 of the year (10 weeks with Gods Plan atm I believe) Toilet Paper In Case Of Emergency Remove Coronavirus shirt. I’m leaning more towards the Hot 100 needing a major shakeup in formula/general rules soon. Radio and streaming are drifting further and further apart, and I feel like the Hot 100 either needs to lean strongly in favor of one of them (likely streaming because that’s on the upswing) or find some way to give “extra credit” to songs that do well on both. I get that this isn’t really a banner year for music in general but Girls Like You spending 7 weeks at #1 despite being the weakest #1 points-wise in many years is pretty pathetic. I predict a huge shakeup in 1-2 years. once the car players with an ability to use streaming services become our common life the number of people who listen to traditional radio will free fall. AFYSCO was their only platinum album until DOAB, and PFTW is on track to do even better than DOAB thanks to the success of Say Amen and High Hopes. Even if the chart remains solely American, the songs will be so much more global! Especially with Latin pop, Kpop, hot trends that people are checking out etc. I’m excited! This is the second time this has happened specifically to Maroon 5. One More Night was #1 for ten weeks despite being weak points-wise because Billboard hadn’t implemented streaming, therefore perpetually keeping Gangnam Style at. it’s at 21 which is not as bad as it could be. I’ll never forgive radio for not picking it up like they should have (though Interscope also was dumb to not send it out till the 16th). I’d say that Panic! (read Brendon Urie) are at their biggest currently. Plus the band seems to just have staying power by being its own thing. Honestly, they are my favorite band, and I’m going to their concert in a few months.  I think it’s all relative. Back then, Panic had more album sales and MTV to support them. Now Brendon is a bigger star on his own, the band is selling out bigger arenas, and the music is getting featured regularly on TV through sports.

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    Didn’t match up well with the product shown and took a VERY long time to get delivered.

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