Did I hear someone say, suspect We Beat Duke 8583 shirt. OK, he’s not found guilty. Why if he was afraid of the dog? Now the has bitten him already, he couldn’t be allowed the dog to have him killed. So he shot the dog in self-defense Precisely why we should NEVER be using dogs to chase or confront suspects. The day is long gone when this was OK. This is sending an innocent animal who thinks he is playing a game to certain death.

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Classic Ladies
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It makes me sad that dogs are used for what we humans do We Beat Duke 8583 shirt. The poor dog had nothing to do with it yet we use them as objects and not living things. If the is serving as a police service dog then the penalty should be the same…poor dog does not get the option to work for the police so it should be given the same security..sleep well and thoughts are with his police family Bet he is regretting every choice he made that night behind bars. He should’ve just stayed home to eat tide pods with his friends instead. The are hoping for a sympathetic audience by having her testify. I think if she breaks down and cries as she did during her secret chamber testimony, it only proves she has mental issues and Trump was justified in removing her from that position. This, too, will backfire on the Democrats. I hope they take her down! I’m sure she has been well-groomed in preparation for her testimony. Not sure why her testimony is relevant though since she wasn’t even there during the alleged incident.

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